Silica get packets can be used to protect your valuables and supplies from moisture damage by absorbing and trapping water vapour in the air, preventing the formation of rust, mould & mildew, as well as minimising spoilage in food products.

Unlike some other desiccants, silica gel does not become wet, or swell in size as it adsorbs water vapour. It is also non-corrosive, non-toxic, odourless, chemically inert, does not form by-products and has a low dust emission rate, making it safe for use with sensitive equipment.


Orange - White Indicating Silica Gel

These packets contain orange indicating silica gel (mixed with regular white non-indicating silica gel), which will change colour based on how much moisture it as adsorbed.

The indicating silica gel is orange when empty, and gradually turns white as it adsorbs moisture. The indicating silica gel is completely white once it has reached 60-70% of its total moisture holding capacity. This allows you to easily tell when the silica gel needs to be replaced.


Packet Material - Aihua Paper

Despite the name, Aihua paper is not really paper, and is actually a polymer; being made up from Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE).

The material is light-weight & flexible, tear-resistant, has a smooth surface and contains no harmful substances. In addition, Aihua paper is relatively transparent, allowing the user to easily check the colour of the indicating silica gel inside.

The high heat resistance & air permeability of Aihua paper allows all packet sizes to be easily reactivated in any conventional oven. (see reactivation instructions below)


Applications & Uses

Silica gel packets can be used where processes and products need to be protected from the negative effects of humidity & moisture, such as:

Tool Boxes • Gun Safes • Camera Gear • Electronics • Laboratories • Leather Products • Collectibles • Jewellery • Camping Gear • Sporting Gear • Fishing Gear • Hunting Gear • Clothing • Wardrobes • Telescopes & Optics • Photos • Documents • Musical Instruments • Silverware


Reactivation Instructions

Once the beads in the packets have reached their adsorption capacity, as indicated when the orange beads turn white (you may need to hold packets up to the light to better see the beads), they can be easily reactivated with any conventional oven.

Reactivation instructions are as follows:

  1. Place the silica gel packets on an appropriate metal or glass oven-proof tray – avoid placing packets on top of each other, as this may cause uneven drying of packets.
  2. Put the tray into the oven and heat packets for 3 hours at 105°C (fan-forced) – do not pre-heat oven. Gradually heating packets ensures that they don’t bust during reactivation.
  3. Remove tray from oven and allow packets to cool before handling them – they will be hot.
  4. Once cooled, check to see if the indicating beads in all of the packets have returned to their original colour, orange. If they haven’t, place back into the oven for an additional hour.
  5. After you have ensured the packets have been successfully reactivated, place packets into an air-tight container/bag until ready to use.

Unlimited reactivation cycles are possible.




Desiccant Silica Gel
Type Indicating
Colour Orange - White
Material Aihua Paper
Dimensions 80 x 25 x 6 mm
Net Weight 5 grams


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