Silica gel is a reusable drying and dehumidifying agent (known as a desiccant) that adsorbs and traps water vapour to effectively prevent rust, corrosion, mould, mildew, spoilage, fogging and condensation when used within closed spaces.

Unlike some other desiccants, silica gel does not become wet, or swell in size as it adsorbs moisture. It is also, non-corrosive, odourless, chemically inert, has a low dust emission rate, high crush strength and does not form by-products. In addition, silica gel can adsorb up to 40% of its weight in moisture before needing reactivation


White Non-Indicating Silica Gel

Non-indicating silica gel does not contain any indicating dyes, and therefore will not change colour as it adsorbs moisture like orange or blue silica gel. This in turn, makes it less expensive at the cost of being more difficult to tell when it's full and requires reactivation/replacement.

The most reliable way to tell when non-indicating silica gel is full, is by weighing it. When the weight of the silica gel has increased by 30-40%, then it is a sure sign that it needs to be replaced or reactivated. See reactivation instructions below for more information.

Alternatively, you can use humidity indicator cards which will show you the humidity levels of the closed space you're using the silica in. When the humidity levels start increasing, then you know the silica gel is full and is no longer adsorbing anymore moisture (and/or your container is not properly sealed)


Applications & Uses

White silica gel can be used where processes and products need to be protected from the negative effects of humidity & moisture, such as:

Tool Boxes • Gun Safes • Camera Gear • Electronics • Laboratories • Leather Products • Collectibles • Jewellery • Camping Gear • Sporting Gear • Fishing Gear • Hunting Gear • Clothing • Wardrobes • Telescopes & Optics • Photos • Documents • Musical Instruments • Silverware

Reactivation Instructions

White silica gel requires reactivation/replacement when its weight has increased by approximately 30-40%. The oven drying method for reactivation is as follows:


  1. Pre-heat oven to 105-115°C.

  2. Place silica gel in an appropriate metal or glass oven-proof tray - try to keep the silica gel layer to a thickness of less than 2 inches as this allows it to dry faster and more evenly.

  3. Once the oven is at the correct temperature, place the tray of silica gel into the oven for approximately 2.5 hours.

  4. Wait for the silica gel to cool before handling it as it will be extremely hot. Once cooled, the silica gel should be weighed again in order to confirm that it has been properly reactivated - if it hasn't returned to its original weight - or isn't close to its original weight - then heat in the oven for a further hour. If it has, the silica gel can be placed back in the moisture barrier bag/pail that it came in, or in any other air-tight space.




Desiccant Silica Gel
Bead Diameter 3-5 mm
Type Non-Indicating
Colour White
Shipping Weight 1.0000kg


very happy

By: on 6 November 2020
just arrived today, havent used as yet (don't expect any problems - it is only gel) it arrived quickly (express post) and very well packaged - the beads packet was even bubble wrapped (how awesome is that) - was so impressed, had to leave a review - would not hesitate to buy again, but i don't expect i would need to (as i can dry them out again in the oven). :D

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